It’s taken a while for the younger Pettis brother to find his footing in the Octagon, but good ol’ Sergio is coming along nicely.

Taking on former title contender John Moraga at UFC Fight Night 103, Pettis has clearly learned that the flashy techniques his brother Anthony pioneered don’t mean crap when it comes to sticking to the fundamentals – and Pettis did well sticking those fundamentals in Moraga’s face for three full rounds.

From the outest, Pettis showed superior hands, marking Moraga up while moving away from Moraga’s efforts to land something heavy. Whenever Moraga tied up for a takedown, Pettis countered with a guillotine attempt – and even went for a jumping guillotine in the second round – but the vast majority of the scoring was due to Pettis sticking and moving, sticking and moving. Moraga landed one big right in the third, and Pettis scored a takedown late in the round, so when time ran out it was clear who was ahead on the scorecards.


Results: Sergio Pettis def. John Moraga via Unanimous Decision