As predicted, putting Joe Lauzon and Marcin Held – two grappling studs with a ultra-awesome transitional game that often leads to submission – created some pretty stellar magic.

On the feet, the two were surprisingly evenly matched early on (surprising because Held was never any great shakes at throwing punches during his time in Bellator). But as the rounds wore on, Held seemed to have the range dialed in, and was eventually tearing Lauzon up with a killer jab.

But on the ground… whoa, nelly, did these guys show some serious skills. If Lauzon secured a neck and pulled Held to the floor, Held was already twisted around and out of danger by the time they hit the canvas. If Lauzon latched on with a sick armbar, Held’s escape had already begun right around when the referee shouted for them to commence fighting at the beginning of the round. More often than not Held was able to wind up in top position, and like Lauzon, he was giving it all right up until the end.

When the scores were read and Lauzon was announced the winner via split decision, Lauzon took the mic and acknowledged that Held should’ve taken the decision. That’s class.


Results: Joe Lauzon def. Marcin Held via Split Decision