Since returning to the UFC after a stint in Bellator, Ben Saunders has appeared to be a more mature and intelligent fighter. Which is a good thing when taking on a hard-nosed brawler like Court McGee, because sometimes just being a little bit smarter is the difference and win and a loss.

For all three rounds of their UFC Fight Night 103 battle, the duo did what they do best: Saunders chipping away with kicks and knees, McGee eating his way through punches to feed his opponent leather. But where most get lured into playing McGee’s game of taking damage to deliver it, Saunders wisely tried to keep McGee at distance, where his kicks could score and McGee could only absorb them or block them. The only time McGee achieved any kind of dominance was in the Round 3 when he scored a takedown – which was quickly met with a triangle choke attempt that had him stuck for a while.

When time ran out, it wasn’t hard to guess who the judges would pick.


Results: Ben Saunders def. Court McGee via Unanimous Decision