Veteran Brazilian fighter Tiago Trator gets to greet newcomer Shane Burgos to the Octagon, with Burgos getting the call after cleaning up in the New Jersey circuit.

Burgos comes out stalking, brushing aside the Brazilian’s kicks and punches as Trator looks uncomfortable with this dude getting in his face. Trator diffuses some of the aggression by ducking under and tying up his opponent from behind, and it takes some work for Burgos to disentangle himself. But whatever hesitation Trator initially had about trading blows seems to dissipate, and the rest of the round has him taking kicks and punches and firing right back.

It takes all of 30 seconds for Burgos to drop Trator with a right hand in the second round, and though the Brazilian regains his senses almost immediately, Burgos has a killer left hook and right uppercut have Trator stumbling and falling repeatedly. More than once Trator drops to guard hoping to entice the American into a jiu-jitsu match, and  each time Burgos scoffs and motions for him to rise.

In between rounds, Burgos’ corner takes a pair of scissors and cuts off his man-bun – what the hell? That’s a first.

Burgos continues the hunt in Round 3, showing absolutely no fear of his opponent’s boxing. However, walking around with his hands down enables Trator to land some punches, so Burgos switches gears and takes him down. They get back up quickly, and spend the rest of the frame duking it out – Trator showing a lot of heart and toughness, and Burgos showing a lot of talent and promise.


Results: Shane Burgos def. Tiago Trator via Unanimous Decision