Randy Brown made an impression on “Dana White’s Looking for a Fight” webseries, and ended up getting invited into the Octagon, where he’s had mixed results. But he’s a New Yorker, so of course he had a slot waiting for him on this card, taking on Brian Camozzi.

The duo wasted no time trying to take each other’s heads off with strikes, and after some wild exchanges, it’s Brown who tags Camozzi, sending him stumbling. The local boy grabs the bodylock and Camozzi goes down, but recovers enough to very nearly nab an armbar from the bottom, prompting Brown to really have to work to get out of it. Once he does he bangs up Camozzi with some ground and pound, and the horn sounds.

Round 2 has Camozzi trying to take control via pressing Brown against the fence and putting everything he has into a takedown. It avails him naught. A sprawl and a well-placed knee to the dome has Brown stunning Camozzi, and when Camozzi drops the ensuing storm of leather has the referee jumping in.


Results: Randy Brown def. Brian Camozzi via TKO (Knee and Punches) at 1:25, R2