Frankie Perez claimed he was retiring after knocking out Sam Stout, but the call of the cage has drawn him back. Brit buzzsaw Marc Diakiese is riding a hype train that only picked up speed after his recent Octagon debut. Put these two together and what do you get?

Despite some heat at the weigh-ins, both men come out measured, with Diakiese missing with a kick and Perez tagging him in the midsection with a spinning back-kick. But Diakiese snags Perez’s leg and takes him down, and goes to work trying to pound on him while dodging sweeps and submission attempts. Diakiese scores a slam when they scramble back up, and throws Perez down when again he rises. Thus far, the Brit is controlling where they’re fighting.

Round 2 sees Perez engage on the feet with kicks and double-jabs, and when Diakiese returns fires with kicks and punches of his own, the American clinches and throws him down. Perez makes the most of it, settling into his foe’s guard and opening up cuts around Diakiese’s eyes with some hellacious elbows. When they get back up Diakiese grabs the fence to avoid a takedown, but Perez still gets him to the canvas.

Diakiese catches a kick and takes Perez down within the first minute and a half of the third, and though the Brit doesn’t do much more than hold his opponent in place and throw the occasional punch, Perez’s total lack of output means Diakiese is taking the round. When they do get back up, Diakiese is on him like a sweater, and that’s all she wrote when the final horn sounds.


Results: Marc Diakiese def. Frankie Perez via Unanimous Decision