The “main event” of the prelims has Muay Thai specialist Justine Kish taking on TUF vet Ashley Yoder.

Yoder is supposedly most dangerous on the ground, but when Kish comes out and Thai clinches her – and lays into her with knees – Yoder seems perfectly willing to swing hard and try to take her foe’s head off. About halfway through the round they tie up and Yoder tosses her to the canvas, and soon they’re trading positions and sub attempts. They make their way back to their feet, and the final minute has them scoring on each other with single kicks and punches.

Kish wades in and wastes no time banging Yoder up in the opening moments of the second, and after some relentless pressure, kicks out Yoder’s leg. On the ground she threatens with an Anaconda choke, then an armbar, and amazingly Yoder slips out of it all to secure top position. Kish does a fantastic job of avoiding getting tapped out, but the final minute or two of the round is all about Yoder controlling her.

Round 3 opens with Kish landing a spinning backfist, and when the exchange of strikes ends up more or less equal, she clinches and throws Yoder down. But Yoder truly is most dangerous on the ground, and in no time she’s on top again and in charge. In the final minute Kish scrambles up, and after repeatedly tagging her in the face with knuckles, Yoder drops to guard. Kish doesn’t take the bait, and they spend the waning seconds of the bout winging bolos.


Results: Justine Kish def. Ashley Yoder via Unanimous Decision