Welcome to CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of UFC Fight Night 102, a Fight Pass-broadcast event out of Albany, N.Y., that features rising heavyweight star Derrick Lewis in the main event.

First up on the docket: TUF vet and Muay Thai ace JJ Aldrich against Brazilian badass Juliana Lima.

Aldrich races across the cage and takes the center of the canvas as her area of operations, probing her opponent with a jab while Lima circles and throws kicks. After a minute and a half the Brazilian secures a brief Thai clinch and lands a few knees, and when they have space Lima clinches and uses a bodylock to take Aldrich down. Eventually Aldrich secures guard and works back to her feet, but all the while Lima feeds her punches and knees, so the scorecards are likely tipping in the Brazilian’s favor when the horn sounds.

Round 2 has Aldrich continue her pursuit, and Lima continue to control distance with her kicks. After two minutes Lima again snags the clinch, and over the course of the rest of the frame, hits two takedowns and otherwise dictates the location and tempo of the fight. Aldrich scores with some knees in the final seconds, but otherwise it’s all Lima.

Aldrich tries to initiate the clinch in the third – perhaps to take charge of a bout that has so clearly slipped away from her – and Lima simply responds by blasting her with counters, tying up and firing off knees and elbows, and stifling Aldrich whenever the American plants her feet and looks to strike. Time expires with Lima deserving of the decision.


Results: Juliana Lima def. JJ Aldrich via Unanimous Decision