Khalil Rountree has the distinction of being a runner-up on a season of TUF, which puts him just above a homeless person – but right below a regional MMA champ – in the UFC fighter pecking order. Tyson Pedro is just some dude.

Everyone who’s ever seen just a clip of Rountree’s fights knows that he’s got a big punch. But that’s all he’s got. Still, he manages to land it on Pedro after Pedro mistakenly thinks he can strike with the TUFer. He recovers, scrambles into a takedown, and tries to wiggle onto Rountree’s back while they’re against the cage. At this point, the only battle is to see if Rountree can get to his feet without his back getting taken.

Turns out he can’t.

Soon Pedro has the choke in place, and Rountree taps.


Results: Tyson Pedro def. Khalil Rountree via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:07, R1