Omari Akhmedov has had mixed success since signing with the UFC, winning about as many times as he’s lost. Kyle Noke is one of Australia’s most experienced fighters, with a 14-year career that has seen him fight everywhere (and even coach a season of International TUF).

As a Dagestani wrestler, Akhmedov has no shortage of grit to call upon when the fists are flying, and that grit comes into play when he wades into Noke’s punches, throws him down, and rains down punishment from above. Of course Noke is skilled and savvy enough to avoid serious harm, and he threatens with submission attempts that force his foe to react, but the fact of the matter is Noke is on the bottom, and that’s never good.

Round 2 is much of the same, and while Noke manages to score on the feet, he can’t prevent Akhmedov from throwing him down and marking him up. The final round is much less action, as Akhmedov isn’t lulled into any kind of brawl (despite Noke’s efforts at jabbing him into one). Instead, the Dagestani gets a takedown late, and that’s all she wrote.

After the dust settles, Noke announces his retirement. Eh, 14 years is enough. He had a good run.


Results: Omari Akhmedov def. Kyle Noke via Unanimous Decision