If Tank Abbott was the physical embodiment of the “every-man brawler who just hopped off the bar stool to fight”, then Dan Kelly is the dad who comes out of the stands during his son’s Little League baseball game to throw down unruly heckler shouting profanities from the sidelines.

Which sucks if you’re Chris Camozzi, because then that means your years of experience and refined technique amount to nothing in the face of dad’s fury.

That pretty much sums up this fight. With a measure jab that soon had Kelly’s face opened up and bleeding, Camozzi was all about sticking and moving throughout the first, and other than a couple of brief takedowns near the end of the round, he was effective.

Round 2 had Kelly swinging bolos, and when he throws Camozzi to the canvas, he is literally showering poor Camozzi with his blood. Kelly’s top game is simply too effective for any kind of scrambling, so they remain there for the duration of the round. The final frame has more blood, more exchanges with both men tagging each other hard, and finally, a successful takedown by Kelly. Game. Set. Match. It was ugly, but Kelly did it.


Results: Dan Kelly def. Chris Camozzi via Unanimous Decision