How do you get to be in the co-main event of a UFC despite coming off a loss? Why, by being a local of course, which is what Jake Matthews is when he takes on Andrew Holbrook at UFC Fight Night 101.

The first round opens with them testing each other with strikes, and Matthews gets in close and throws his opponent down. He very nearly gets Holbrook’s back, but when he slips off they return to chipping away with kicks and punches. They’re so evenly matched that neither man really hurts the other.

Matthews makes some adjustments and comes out aggressive for the second, and Holbrook responds by clinching and making him fight inside a phone booth. When the Aussie starts banging him up with his right hand, Holbrook fervently hunts for that takedown, and soon they’re scrambling and the American is going for a leg and then a kimura. Those submission attempts probably didn’t give Holbrook the round, but who knows.

Round 3 sees Holbrook turn this MMA bout into a grappling contest, and though he winds up on bottom, his never-ending quest for the tap out has Matthews trying to avoid trouble more often than he can land bombs. Time expires with Matthew still on top, but…


Results: Andrew Holbrook def. Jake Matthews via Split Decision