Thomas Almeida was an undefeated bantamweight demon of explosiveness and knockout power when he met Cody Garbrandt in the main event of a Fight Night back in May, but when the American laid him out, you had to wonder if this had done something to the Brazilian’s aura.

Nope. Almeida is still a scary monster, as evidenced by his UFC Fight Night 100 co-main event performance against Albert Morales.

The opening round saw Almeida leap into range and go off like a hand grenade, flurrying with fists that might as well had been shrapnel coming in all directions at point-blank range. Morales got clipped – as they usually do – but he fired back, and before the round was over he had Almeida’s back and was threatening with a rear naked choke.

Thankfully, Almeida did what Almeida does in Round 2, and with another leap into range and an explosion of fists, he sent Morales to the canvas (with a body blow) and was TKOing him soon after.

Almeida may not be the best bantamweight the UFC has, but he’s one of the dudes who makes the division fun.


Results: Thomas Almeida def. Albert Morales via TKO (Punches) at 1:37, R2.