Brazil had MMA as a sport for a good 70 or so years before we got it, but it was called “vale tudo”, and the rules were… well, let’s just say the sport is safer now.

Apparently, Claudia Gadelha misses those good old days.

At last night’s UFC Fight Night 100 in Brazil, the number two ranked strawweight was kicking an overmatched Cortney Casey’s ass pretty thoroughly, but that wasn’t enough. So during a scramble, Gadelha just straight up soccer kicked her in the face.

Savage, bro.

Despite having a decent reach and willingness to bang, Casey just couldn’t match Gadelha’s speed and technique, and for all three rounds, found herself getting lit up in fiery exchanges. And yet, when she set herself and focused on trying to land something that would slow the Brazilian down, Gadelha would simply change levels and take her down. Gadelha made it look easy.

Then, during a scramble where Gadelha was standing within Casey’s guard and Casey was spinning and working her own way up, the Brazilian inexplicably gave her a hard boot to the face. It was a complete “WTF?” moment, and Gadelha was immediately apologetic. The American needed some time to writhe around in pain and regain her senses, and of course the Brazilian officials didn’t even dock Gadelha a point before resuming the bout (she was so far ahead on the scorecards, losing a point wouldn’t have mattered anyway).


Results: Claudia Gadelha def. Cortney Casey via Unanimous Decision