During the array of pre-fight interviews for UFC 112, Dana White was very vocal about his international dealings. White explained that part of his decision to bring in partners “Flash Entertainment”, allowing them to buy 10% of UFC stock was to bridge relations internationally, and is the reason UFC 112 was able to be put together so quickly.

Dana White:

“This is the Middle East and this is our first show here, and our second will be in Afghanistan in the next, you know, I don’t know, two to three months.Will it be filmed? I don’t know, I hope so. It would be the first time it wasn’t. Either way it’s happening”.

“I don’t know, but I think it’s going to move very quickly,” White said. “Listen: For the last, probably, four years, everybody and their mother has tried to buy a piece of the UFC, or get involved and try to become partners. We said no to everybody. There’s a major [television] network out there that tried to buy us out. We told them no.

“We became partners with these guys [at Flash] because these guys could actually add value. They’re strong partners and they can help us. All these places we want to go, we’re going to get there, but they can help us get there a lot faster.”

“We’re working on China right now, a fight card,” White said. “We’re going to bring a live fight there. It’s [going to happen] probably sooner than I can imagine. Fast. It’s going to happen really quickly.”