Ben Rothwell may have taken out Brandon Vera in memorable fashion at UFC 164 on August 31st, but the heavyweight’s victory has been stained by the fact he’s tested for elevated levels of testosterone.

According to a report from MMA Junkie, the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services has confirmed that Rothwell’s testosterone levels were too high following the Milwaukee based card. The vet had been issued a therapeutic use exemption for TRT heading into the event.

In a follow up report from MMA Fighting it was relayed that since the commission has no regulatory authority to discipline Rothwell, the UFC has decided to suspend the 31 year-old for nine months. Since Wisconsin authorities don’t have regulations pertaining to TRT, Rothwell’s victory cannot be overturned to a no-contest.

Rothwell has also released a statement about the infringement, and apologized at the conclusion of it by saying:

“I feel ultimately it is my responsibility to make sure I stay under the acceptable limit. I am deeply sorry for this mistake and apologize to my fans, family and friends.”

According to Rothwell, he applied for TRT after he was diagnosed with hypogonadism. The 33-9 fighter says his physicians believe it stems from a serious head injury he incurred in a 1999 car crash.

So will all this re-ignite the TRT debate? Or did it ever go away?

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