It looks like Matthew Riddle will be fighting outside of the UFC for the first time in his MMA career, because a second failed drug test for due to marijuana has left him without a job. Despite having a medical marijuana card in the state of Nevada, Riddle is still not allowed to have the drug in his system at the time of his matches – the reason being that the drug is still illegal even though he uses it for medical purposes.

Riddle first entered the Octagon back in 2008 after his appearance on the Ultimate Fighter. He went a respectable 5-1 through his first six fights. Then he started to do less fighting and more brawling in his losses to Sean Pierson and Lance Benoist. He seemed to be picking up steam with wins over Henry Martinez, John Maguire and Chris Clements, but his first failed drug test came against Clements and the win was overturned. It is likely that the win over Che Mills will be overturned as well.

Mills was cut after his loss to Riddle, and it is unknown if Riddle’s failed drug test will change that. It has happened before that a failed drug test brought back a cut fighter: Brandon Vera came back to the UFC  after a loss to Thiago Silva after Silva failed his drug test due to performance enhancing drugs. Only time will tell if Mills will be brought back, but it may not happen due to Dana White being very critical of how Mills fought against Riddle.

UPDATE: UFC’s Response to the cut.

Matthew Riddle tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his bout at UFC on FUEL TV 7 in London, England on February 16, 2013. This is Riddle’s second failed drug test for marijuana within the past seven months. Riddle previously failed a post-fight drug test due to marijuana following his UFC 149 victory over Chris Clements.

As such, the UFC organization is exercising its right to terminate Riddle for breach of his obligations under his Promotional Agreement as well as the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. The UFC organization has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents. The outcome of the bout against Che Mills was changed to a no contest and the results of the positive test will be reported to the official Association of Boxing Commissions MMA record-keeper.


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