If you thought UFC 129 in April, 2011 drew a massive crowd, or you used to watch PRIDE back in the day and thought they really packed in the fans, well, the UFC is apparently considering a venue that would shatter all previous attendance records. According to a report from the Las Vegas Review, officials for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway have approached the UFC about hosting an event at the racetrack. The speedway currently seats 132,000…that’s a lot of fans.

The venue is hoping to host a card as soon as this September. When the Review reached UFC boss man Dana White for a comment about the proposition, he stated:

“I like it. It would be cool as hell, and we have a few fights coming up that could pull it off.”

White reportedly expressed concern over the elements, as you’re not going to find a tarp that can go over a speedway, but rain isn’t typically an issue in Las Vegas during September. The report surfaces at a time when speculation is widespread as to whether the UFC will finally book an event for Cowboys Stadium in Dallas in the coming months.

If the UFC were to hold an event at the Vegas speedway, even if they only sold 3/4 of the tickets, it would crush the North American attendance record set at UFC 129. That card, which was hosted by Toronto’s Roger Centre, was attended by 55,724 people and brought in a mind boggling gate of over $12,000,000.

Photo Credit: Josh Holmberg-USA TODAY Sports