According to the third-party investigator hired by the UFC to look into the domestic violence allegations against Travis Browne, the heavyweight is innocent – or at least innocent enough.

As per a statement on the UFC’s website:

UFC announced today that an investigation into allegations of domestic violence against heavyweight Travis Browne is now complete. Conducted by a former FBI agent with more than 25 years of experience, the seven-week investigation included interviews with multiple subjects associated with the principals, as well as the principals themselves. The investigation found inconclusive evidence to support claims of alleged domestic violence involving Browne, and inconclusive evidence that Browne had violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy.

As a result, UFC has lifted Browne’s temporary suspension and anticipates him returning to competition in the coming months. UFC takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously, and they will be investigated for their validity. If proven true with facts, it will result in swift action on our part.

The statement goes a little deeper with the details of how the investigation went, but not too deep as to protect the respective parties.

Okay, so now Browne is back in the mix – who should he fight next?