Many North American MMA fans just enjoyed a long weekend.

Depending where you are in the US, yesterday marked either Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Meanwhile, Mexico enjoyed Dia de la Raza, and Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving Day.

Hopefully it was a good one for all of you.

Sadly, it was a weekend which longtime MMA commentator Mike Goldberg may have never been so happy to exclaim his tagline, “IT IS ALL OVER!”

Goldberg, who has served as UFC Commentator since 1997, took over as on-air commentator for NFL on FOX this past Sunday and, well, he wasn’t well received.

As MD Smith recalls for Pro Football Talk, Goldberg “stumbled over names, got faked out on play-action passes, misidentified players and coaches and lost track of the down and distance.”

A collection of Twitter responses to Goldberg was compiled here.

Another blogger described the performance: “FOX managed to outdo itself on Sunday with the worst broadcast of a football game I have ever witnessed in my life.”

The truth is that commentary is a tough gig; much more difficult than it seems. We’ve seen many step behind the microphone in MMA broadcasts and struggle. Goldberg is a professional — and even the best will make mistakes.

But sadly, Goldberg eventually fired back at his critics — in a way that wasn’t very professional.

Business Insider has a compilation of the back-and-forth on Twitter — highlighted by Goldberg dropping an F-bomb at one rude comment, and calling another a “douche.”

Brent Brookhouse of Bloody Elbow points out that this kind of outburst isn’t seen as unusual in an MMA scene dominated by UFC President Dana White, however:

Arguments that “this behavior wouldn’t fly in a ‘real sport'” have existed for as long as Zuffa and White have turned the UFC into a powerful sports entity.

And, maybe our first real taste of exactly how a “f— you” attitude (in the most literal sense) flies when it comes from a UFC personality now associated with the NFL.
Brookhouse (and others) are speculating that Goldberg may face any disciplinary measures for his comments.
He is scheduled to call NFL on FOX next weekend. Here’s hoping he regroups after a tough first round.
UPDATE: Goldberg has been pulled from NFL on FOX duties, and offered an apology on his Twitter account.