Just as “The Ultimate Fighter” returns to a pre-taped format instead of live fights as we witnessed last season, it seems that yet another aspect has changed. Usually the UFC throws open tryouts with hundreds of fighters migrating to the Vegas to showcase their talent through sparring in hopes of a follow-up interview. The tryouts are no more. Instead the UFC has now began ‘veteran invite-only’ tryouts through managers.

This is not the first time the UFC has done this interview style as TUF season four, “The Comeback” also used this method to bring back older talent. White had recently hinted at a possible second season of “The Comeback” which looks to be a very plausible re-enactment at this point. It should also be noted that a hybrid of invite-only tryouts was also used for the recent TUF: The smashes, U.K.. vs. Australia interview process.

As of now, no coaches have been chosen for the season according to White.

If it were up to only Dana White, he would like to return the show to a Mon – Thur. slot as it has been in the past on Spike. He is not too keen on the Friday night time slot that fans have complained of.

“FX wants to try it again on Friday nights,” White said. “But if it’s not up to the standards I’m expecting, I’m pretty sure they’ll give me what I want. But this season was a smash hit home run for them.”