UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier appeared on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” Monday just hours after they brawled on the stage during Ultimate Media Day in Las Vegas.

Jones immediately stated he was sorry for everything that went down and it wasn’t something he was proud of. After the two went nose-to-nose, Cormier shoved Jones, Jones responded and chaos ensued.

“I would like to give an apology to MGM Grand, all the fans who saw that; I am not proud of what happened,” Jones said. “It is common in the UFC that two athletes get very close (during a face-off). It is a very intimate, very passionate moment for a lot of fighters.

“I reacted in self-defense by beating up Daniel.”

Cormier, a former U.S. Olympic wrestler who is unbeaten in his MMA career, laughed at the idea of it being intimate and passionate.

“I have never heard a fight get described as intimate and passionate,” he said. “I have no idea what Jon Jones is talking about.

“In my lifetime, I will never allow a man – Mike Tyson in his prime – no one will ever nudge me and not expect a reaction. I will teach my son to not allow anyone to bully them.”

Cormier continued, saying that Jones is “so fake. He’s a fake individual. A fake person and I am gonna beat him up.

“He is such a fake human being.”

The two described their first meeting, with both telling their side of the situation. Cormier felt that Jones “looked down on me and started to make derogatory comments,” while Jones just said he tried to “create a new friendship.”

The complete interview can be seen in the video below: