The UFC has been calling Las Vegas home since Zuffa LLC bought the company back in 2001, but yesterday Lorenzo Fertitta and the gang held a ground-breaking ceremony on their new digs – which, they referred to as a “campus”, and when that happens, you just know what they’re building is going to be gigantic.

Here’s a pic Dana White tweeted of the UFC crew assembled for some sort of group hug – think they require a lot of office space?


Well, it ain’t just about office space!

“It’s going to be about 180,000 square feet,” UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta told MMAjunkie during the ceremony. “Forty-thousand of it will be the Athlete Health and Performance Center. As you can see from the model, there’s going to be a lot of outdoor space. One of the things that we have evolved into is a media company. We’re creating a lot of content and doing a lot of things. We want to provide a lot of group workspaces – a lot of think tank spaces – whether it’s indoor or outdoor to kind of foster that creativity so we can continue to raise the bar.”

Cool. When are they going to start having guided tours like they do at the White House?