You know you’re in hot water when your boss has to issue a public apology on your behalf. Such is the case with UFC welterweight scrapper Matt Brown, who’s been sidelined with an injury and decided to start a podcast with some buddies, but then put his foot in his mouth when he said he believes that when female fighters compete, they “should at least be topless.”

The offending podcast has since been removed, and yesterday the UFC released this statement (courtesy of Damon Martin at

“Matt Brown has apologized for the comments made on his podcast, and we have addressed the matter with him. His comments don’t reflect the views of the UFC. There’€™s no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. The UFC is built on principles of respect, and any statements to the contrary are not acceptable.”

Brown’s words make perfect soundbites for the anti-MMA crowd that’s been doing their best (and succeeding) in keeping the UFC out of New York, so of course it behooves the UFC to get in front of this thing. Still, despite what is clearly a case of verbal diarrhea, Brown should be – and could very well be, we just don’t know yet – in hot water for his remarks, which demeaned the entire female roster of UFC fighters he works alongside of.

Time will tell how this pans out.