Many news outlets, fans, and pundits have talked about the UFC and FOX deal in correlation with the ratings that the MMA promotion has produced for the Fox organization. While things like The Ultimate Fighter and UFC on FOX cards ratings have begun to sag a bit, that is not a big issue when FUEL TV is posting great ratings and gaining more coverage over the nation. Also, there are some of the most stacked cards coming to FOX in the coming months. There is also a few ideas that FOX execs have to push their partnership with the UFC to the next level.

One thing that they are going to do is to put all UFC on FOX cards prelims on FX. They had originally aired on FUEL TV, but the increase in audience since FX airs on about three times as many channels as FUEL should help up the awareness of the FOX card. To help The Ultimate Fighter they have already taken it back from live taping to the previous pre-taped format which helps with story telling. Also, they are having the most marketable coaches next season with Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen and the show is rumored by Jones’ camp to be moving to Wednesdays from Fridays .

There is one other big change that the FOX execs may not get. They want super bowl weekend. While 2013’s super bowl weekend is filled with Jose Aldo against Frankie Edgar, they are looking to get a hold of 2014’s Super Bowl weekend. With FOX having the actual Superbowl on their channel they see having an UFC card on the same weekend a prime way to market both and increase ratings all around. Only time will tell what will happen with that choice, but at least FOX is still committed to the sport of MMA which is good for all fans.