Something that we never thought we would see on a Zuffa owned promotion..  Co-branding, as we see on the upcoming Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson poster with an M-1 Global logo in the top right. UFC parent company, Zuffa llc. has publicized in the past that they would never co-promote with any other MMA organization including M-1 promotions, which had proved to stop former p4p champion Fedor Emelianenko from entering the UFC.

Perhaps for once things are truly ‘business  as usual’ at Strikeforce promotions as Zuffa may have their hands tied in this situation. It had been been a topic of question if Fedor was in fact a Zuffa contracted fighter or an M-1 fighter, and Zuffa has verified that Emelianenko is under Zuffa contract as of now. If so, why the co-branding? Perhaps a contract clause could answer this.