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Shortly after it was confirmed Max Holloway was withdrawing from UFC 226, there was some talk about him fighting Brian Ortega next month instead. But, as a lot of folks expected would be the case, Dana White’s said “Blessed” won’t be competing anytime soon.

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Holloway was pulled from Saturday’s co-main event, after the featherweight champ showed signs of a possible concussion. Not long after, there was a report that the fight could be moved to the August 4th, UFC 227 card in Los Angeles. Due to the fact Holloway had been reportedly slurring his speech, and having issues with his eyesight, however, many opined that the Hawaiian star will be sidelined for some time.

Well, White was asked about Holloway at the pre-UFC 226 press conference, and here’s some of what the UFC Presidenet had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“It’s a weird situation,” White said. “I was talking to Jeff Novitzky in the back and there’s a couple of different — some people think it’s concussion-related and some people think it’s weight cut-related, so they haven’t really got down to the bottom of what it is. But according to him he feels fine but obviously he’s not fine. So we’re going to continue to try to figure out what’s wrong with Max Holloway.

“In the meantime, there’s no way that this guy is going to fight anytime soon.”

“We’re running him through every test there is. … He needs go to the Mayo Clinic or one of these types of places and do a full — yes, we will take care of Max Holloway and he’ll go through every type of testing there is until we can figure out what’s wrong with him.”

Hopefully it’s nothing serious and Holloway is able to start training again sooner than later. But, even if the symptoms are related to Holloway’s weight cut, you have to wonder if this might end his run at 145. The champ has talked extensively about the fact he’s going to need to move to lightweight at some juncture.

It’s been a tough year for Holloway to say the least. He had to drop out of a March fight with Frankie Edgar due to an ankle injury, then he ran into issues cutting weight for a short notice bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov in April, and was yanked from the fight. Now, there’s been this withdrawal from UFC 226, and it’s not clear when we’ll see “Blessed” fight again.