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Colby Covington’s been firing off verbal warning shots left, right and center leading up to UFC 225. But, one of the welterweight’s targets, Joe Rogan, is apparently off the hook…

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If you don’t follow the trolling / trash talk game of Covington, or once did, and grew tired of it, you may not know what his supposed issue with Rogan is. Well, a little while back, after Covington blasted Jon Jones, Rogan warned “Chaos” that the former light-heavyweight champ could seek out his revenge.

Well, when Covington got word of Rogan’s comments, the accomplished wrestler fired off this in response while talking to BJ Penn.com Radio (quote via MMA Mania):

“I think Joe Rogan should worry about what he’s saying about me because we might just meet face to face soon in the near future. He might be commentating that Chicago card, so that’s kind of hypocritical of him to say something like that because when he’s talking about me, we might be face to face. I might just have to slap him.”

As you surely know, Covington is booked to fight Rafael dos Anjos for the welterweight interim belt at UFC 225 this Saturday in Chicago.

Well, it looks like we may not have some sort of awkward, interaction between Covington and Rogan this week after all, or, not as awkward, as Covington reportedly said this during the latest “UFC Tonight” (quote via  MMA Mania):

“I’ve decided to let things go with Joe. I decided to give him a pass. I’m feeling good, I’m in the spirit,” Covington said. “It’s title fight week, I’m about to make a lot of money with more zeroes to my paycheck, so I am feeling good. I’m going to give Joe a pass.”

So, it will be interesting to see how things go on this front during fight week. Does Covington really care about what Rogan said? In terms of his comments about Jones? Probably not. It was probably more so about “Chaos” trying to drum up hype / controversy, which has been the norm for him the last year or so.

First things first, and that’s getting by Mr. dos Anjos, who typically has been an extremely tough out during his impressive career.