Neither Yancy Medeiros nor Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira will ever fight for the belt, but they’ve been known to bang pretty hard in the cage, so they’ll remain employed as long as they keep giving up the goods. And here they are fighting at UFC 218!

Round 1 opens with the Hawaiian Medeiros playing punch-face with his Brazilian opponent, and though Oliveira’s reaction when he starts taking damage is to come forward more aggressively, in no time Medeiros has him stunned and hunting for a takedown on autopilot. But then Cowboy clears the cobwebs and starts putting his knuckles upside Medeiros’ head, and suddenly momentum swings the other way, with Medeiros stumbling backwards and trying to stay alive. The horn sounds with both men going for it, and it’s apparent we have an awesome fight on our hands.

The second round is more of the same, with all efforts at takedowns really just incidental interludes between the furious periods of striking. Again Medeiros has Oliveira on the ropes, but Oliveira recovers and hurts him back.

Before Round 3 begins they hug in the center of the cage, and the crowd goes nuts (because damn have these guys earned the gratitude). Then they’re back to banging, and soon Oliveira is against the fence and covering up, and Medeiros is unloading. When the Brazilian goes down the ref jumps in, and it’s all over. What an amazing, back-and-forth battle.


Results: Yancy Medeiros def. Alex Oliveira via TKO (Punches) at 2:02, R2