Paul Felder is a razor-sharp Muay Thai specialist in the cage, and a pretty good commentator outside of it, as evidenced by the recent UFC events he’s been calling. Charles Oliveira is more of the strong and silent type (or maybe his English just sucks), but he’s always been one hell of a dangerous dude with his jiu-jitsu.

The bout opens with Oliveira coming forward aggressively and taking Felder down, and suddenly the American is being put through the submission ringer. Standing rear naked chokes, a killer D’arce choke, assorted beginnings of armbars – Felder has to dodge them all, and despite some hairy moments, he largely does. And then, when he’s free and on top, Felder does the unimaginable: he dives back into the hornets’ nest. However, Felder seems to know what he’s doing, as in between defending more sub attempts, he’s delivering fists and elbows from above.

Round 2 plays out in similar fashion, although this time around Oliveira’s offense on the ground is even more muted by Felder’s ground and pound. In fact, once Felder starts delivering some crushing elbows to Oliveira’s noggin from within the Brazilian’s guard, it’s soon over.


Results: Paul Felder def. Charles Oliveira via TKO (Elbows) at 4:06, R2