When first they met, Jose Aldo was the featherweight champ and Max Holloway was the challenger. And normally, given that Aldo reigned as king for so long, that usually meant that Holloway was just fodder waiting to be killed on the battlefield. But this is Holloway’s time, and after amassing an ultra-impressive win streak and taking out nearly everyone else, their fight ended with the Hawaiian pounding the Brazilian into oblivion.

Now they meet again, in the main event of UFC 218, and it’s Holloway who wears the crown and Aldo who challenges. How will this one go?

The first round has Holloway supremely confident and Aldo looking determined, and that translates into jabs from in the pocket from Holloway and head-movement and kicks from Aldo. The former champ scores with an uppercut in the waning seconds of the round, but Holloway’s jab is an ever-present thing that makes Aldo regret getting out of bed this morning.

More kicks from Aldo in the second, but Holloway’s jab… Aldo scores with some power punches, and yet he’s starting to wilt under Holloway’s pressure and constant knack for putting his fist in his face.

Round 3 and Aldo is looking like all the years have finally caught up with him. Or maybe it’s just that Holloway is that good. Either way, Holloway’s pace is too much, and Aldo tries for takedowns but winds up on bottom, and similar to their last fight, Holloway’s jiu-jitsu cuts through Aldo’s jiu-jitsu like butter, and the Hawaiian pounds him out from on top.


Results: Max Holloway def. Jose Aldo via TKO (Punches) at 4:51, R3