In medieval times, the man who was really good at lopping people’s heads off usually found work as the king’s executioner. That’s likely what Francis Ngannou’s job would’ve been were he born back then. But alas, he was born in modern times, and the only suitable, relevant work he can find is as UFC fighter. But hey, the UFC heavyweight division is in dire need of stars, so I guess this is good, right?

Alistair Overeem has done it all and fought all over the world, but the striking specialist is getting old. Is Ngannou to young and dangerous for him?

They open the fight with some clinch work, and when non-wrestling heavyweights clinch it can sometimes look like slow lovemaking. However, referee Dan Miragliotta restarts them, and then it’s time to bang, and… BOOM. Ngannou just about decapitates Overeem with an uppercut that could not have been more scary. The Frenchman follows up with some leather on the ground, but ain’t no way Overeem can feel those, ’cause he sleepin’.


Results: Francis Ngannou def. Alistair Overeem via KO (Punch) at 1:42, R1