Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

It was barely six months ago when Jose Aldo stepped into the cage against Max Holloway and, after taking a beating, gave up his championship title to the Hawaiian face-puncher. But once again the two will meet, the undisputed featherweight champ and the former two-time champ, with the battleground set for UFC 218 on Saturday.

There is no great miscarriage of justice going on here with Aldo getting an immediate rematch. I mean, it wasn’t like the UFC was contractually obligated to give it to him – Holloway was supposed to fight Frankie Edgar, Edgar got injured in training, so in steps Aldo. Really, there is no more worthy opponent for Holloway. And Aldo does have the skillset and talent to beat him in a rematch. I’m not sure if he could, but it’s possible.

Anyway, it’s the biggest fight in the featherweight division right now, and it’s the main event, so it gets the Countdown treatment.