The business of the UFC is to capitalize on their stars, but it’s also to create some stars – which they’re trying so hard to do with Francis Ngannou.

Thankfully, the heavy-handed heavyweight from France has done his part. He’s ended bouts violently and suddenly with his fists – what more could fans want from a fighter? So the UFC is busy doing their part, amping up the promotion of his brand in the hopes that fans will invest themselves emotionally in Ngannou and tune in (i.e., buy pay-per-views) when he’s fighting.

Keep that in mind when you watch the third installment of Embedded for Saturday’s UFC 218 below. In the lead up to his co-main event bout with Alistair Overeem, Ngannou gets to spend time with Michelle Waterson and show fans his nice side.

Is any of this extra promotion making you care about Ngannou more?