Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo has accomplished much in the sport, and for the longest time, he was the face of the UFC’s featherweight division. Of course, that was before a man named Conor McGregor came along, and out-shined – and out-fought – him, but whatever, Aldo has done a lot.

Still, he should be thanking his lucky stars that Frankie Edgar got injured and Max Holloway was left needing an opponent for UFC 218. Because it’s likely that, after getting so soundly defeated by the Hawaiian slugger, Aldo would be stuck in the limbo fallen champs often find themselves in.¬†And that’s no fun.

The latest installment of Embedded is below, and in it, we get more of Aldo getting ready for his title shot… a shot he wasn’t going to get, but fate had other plans.