Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Heavyweight strikers Walt Harris and Mark Godbeer were supposed to meet at UFC 216, but Fabricio Werdum needed a last-minute opponent and, well, sorry Godbeer, but Werdum fighting Harris is more important than you fighting Harris. (Harris inevitably lost his bout against the former champ.) But here we are now, at UFC 217, and it’s time for the original match-up to go down.

From the outset, Harris seems to have the edge in output and technique, as his high-kicks have Godbeer covering up and his punches have Godbeer’s head getting knocked back. Add to that mix an easy takedown, and Godbeer is playing catch-up. Eventually, the Brit makes his way back to his feet, but when they start slugging away again, Harris nails him in the groin with a knee. Godbeer puts his arm up as if to say, “Ouch, my junk!” and turns away, and the ref – who is a little far away – starts shouting, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” Unfortunately, before the ref can jump in, Harris throws and lands a high-kick to Godbeer’s face, and now we’re in chaos.

Since it’s New York, the Commission doctors rule that Godbeer can’t continue, and the referee deems Harris’ kick to be an illegal one (since it came after he said “stop”). And that’s all she wrote.


Results: Mark Godbeer def. Walt Harris via Disqualification (Illegal Kick) at 4:29, R1