Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

If you look back, you can almost pinpoint the time frame when the UFC’s top bantamweights went from regular fighters to frenetic blurs of constant motion and offense.

Dominick Cruz was the first, the prototype who showed the rest of the bunch how it was done. Then came TJ Dillashaw, who made that style his own, and used it to utterly dismantle the champ, Renan Barao. Now it’s all about Cody Garbrandt, who’s the fastest, most Tasmanian Devil-like of them all, and as a result, is the champ.

At UFC 217 in New York City, Garbrandt will defend his belt against former champ Dillashaw. This is a compelling fight because of their personalities, but it’s even more compelling because of the nature of their fighting styles. Who will be quicker? Who will maintain the pace that manages to break the other?

Ponder these questions while you watch this hype vid.