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When it comes to beating back challengers, it doesn’t get more dominant than what the king of all flyweights has been putting out. And that’s what Demetrious Johnson is, the king, whose reign has seen him beat jiu-jitsu masters at jiu-jitsu, crush Olympic wrestlers with wrestling, and knock strikers completely senseless.

It’s co-main event time for UFC 216, and Ray Borg may be a worthy challenger, but what’s he got that “Mighty Mouse” hasn’t already dealt with?

Round 1 sees the duo throw heat in the form of kicks and punches, and almost on a whim, Johnson transitions into grappling mode, instantly putting Borg on the defensive on the ground. Johnson threatens with a choke, contemplates an armbar, drops leather from above, and though Borg threatens with an armbar and kimura himself, he’s getting worked.

Borg kicks it in high gear with his takedowns, and starts repeatedly getting the champ down, but Johnson is back up instantly each time. For the briefest of moments, it appears as if Borg will have Johnson’s back, but nah, that ain’t happening, and soon Johnson is in top position once more making his opponent work.

That grappling control continues throughout the third, with Johnson doing almost anything he wants to the challenger on the ground. Borg gets a takedown of his own in the fourth, but that victory is short-lived, and the champ once more has him on the bottom, eating some ground and pound.

The one knock against Johnson is it takes so long for him to find the finish, and that trait comes out in the fifth. Still, it’s a pretty spectacular end – Johnson is behind Borg, and he hoists him up and suplexes him, but before Borg even comes down Johnson has slid him into an armbar.

And that’s all she wrote.


Results: Demetrious Johnson def. Ray Borg via Submission (Armbar) at 3:15, R5