Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

It’s possible that when Fabricio Werdum and Derrick Lewis step into the cage at UFC 216 on Saturday night, the victor will emerge as a contender for the heavyweight championship – which is currently held by Stipe Miocic. It’s possible, and really, it hinges on a stellar performance by either man.

Of course, that ‘stellar performance’ thing is the trick. Because we’ve seen former champ Werdum look like a total stud in the Octagon – like when he took out Cain Velasquez – and we’ve seen him look like crap (remember his Alistair Overeem fight?). Same with Lewis, was doing great climbing the ranks until Mark Hunt made him look lost and afraid in the woods.

Here’s a Countdown vid dedicated to Werdum and Lewis. We’ll see who comes out on the other side of this match-up with more luster.