Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

By now, the producers who put together the Embedded videos have enough tape on flyweight king Demetrious Johnson and challenger Ray Borg, they could make a feature-length film. I say this of course because this isn’t the first go-around for Johnson and Borg, and therefore, a lot of film hours have been devoted to their perpetually up-coming fight.

But it might just happen on Saturday, as the co-main event of UFC 216. It might. Cross your fingers. There’s still plenty of time for Johnson to stub his toe or Borg to have a bad hair day, and then the fight is once more off.

Below is the first Embedded episode for this UFC pay-per-view. Please, God, make this the final Embedded series for the Johnson/Borg fight. For the sake of the poor producers and cameramen and editors who’ve had to follow these fighters around again and again.