Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Being able to absorb damage is a good indicator of toughness, but nothing beats the durability of being able to absorb damage yet somehow remain dangerous.

That’s Valentina Shevchenko, who is facing champ Amanda Nunes at UFC 215.

Shevchenko and Nunes have fought before, with Nunes coming out on top via a decision. But in case you forgot, that fight saw Nunes lay a beatdown on her foe early, and Shevchenko return the favor with a beating in the latter rounds. That’s a pretty neat trick right there, to be able to clobber someone after they’ve clobbered you, but that’s Shevchenko’s game, and it’s ensured that she lose only once in four Octagon appearances.

Here’s Shevchenko’s handiwork on display: