Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Ray Borg is tough and skilled and capable of beating a lot of people in the UFC’s flyweight division. But at UFC 215 on September 9, he’s facing champ Demetrious Johnson, and Borg is going to get slaughtered.

This isn’t speculation, this is fact.

Borg did not win any Olympic medals. He is not a season jiu-jitsu black belt with over a decade of experience beating high-level fighters in the cage. He is just some dude who’s earned a bunch of victories in the Octagon (and a couple losses), and since Johnson wasn’t ready to take the superfight plunge and face someone like TJ Dillashaw, Borg was simply the next flyweight in line.

He gonna get smashed.

Which isn’t to say he might not get some could licks in. Watch the video below and you’ll see he’s got talent. But it won’t be enough.