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Tyron Woodley is the welterweight champ, but other than a quick KO of Robbie Lawler, he’s kinda fallen short at impressing during his reign. Demian Maia is all jiu-jitsu, all the time, and has earned his shot by beating everyone the UFC has put in his way. Here’s our UFC 214 co-main event.

As expected, Maia comes out looking for the takedown, armed with the knowledge that if he can get the fight to the ground, he’ll eat his opponent alive. Woodley knows this, and expertly stuffs the Brazilian’s attempt – and nails him with a punch that immediately messes up Maia’s eye. Maia keeps coming, though, winging single punches in the hopes that Woodley will open up. Woodley, of course, doesn’t.

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Round 2 plays out in similar fashion – Maia desperately wants that takedown, yet cannot for the life of him get it. Woodley isn’t doing much besides stopping those attempts and firing back with single punches and single kicks, and the boos commence.

The third round is a carbon copy of the previous round, and the boos get louder.

Oh man, this fight is a stinker. Maia can’t get any kind of takedown, and can’t strike worth a damn; meanwhile, Woodley refuses to do anything more than what’s necessary to keep from going down. This is the story of Rounds 4 and 5… see? This is why Woodley doesn’t have a lot of fans.

Time runs out and the whole world takes solace in the fact that we’ll never see these guys fight each other again.


Results: Tyron Woodley def. Demian Maia via Unanimous Decision