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What can I say about Robbie Lawler and Donald Cerrone that you don’t already know? Both are veteran fighters who’ve proven their mettle in multiple wars, and both are fan-favorites because of it. These guys are here to throw down, just as they always do.

The referee says “go” and Lawler comes out throwing everything he’s got at Cerrone. Cerrone eats punches, knees, kicks – the works – and he’s in very real danger of getting overwhelmed. He goes for a takedown and is shrugged off, goes for another and gets it, and passes Lawler’s guard to go to side-control and then north/south. Lawler scrambles up and the round ends.

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Cerrone doesn’t want a repeat of the first round, so in the second he takes control by maintaining range and upping his output. Some of his kicks are blocks, but some aren’t, and in the exchanges, Lawler begins to slow down and shell up. The former champ isn’t really hurt, but he’s taken his foot off the gas, and by the time the horn sounds, it’s clear Cerrone has out-pointed him.

It’s likely tied up going into the third – a fact that no doubt spurs Lawler on to pick up the pace. Again these dudes resume knocking the hell out of each other, with Cerrone trying to take Lawler out with high-kicks and Lawler shelling up and firing back with heat. Time ticks down and they’re still in a gunfight, but it seems like Lawler has landed more and landed harder.


Results: Robbie Lawler def. Donald Cerrone via Unanimous Decision