Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Jason Knight looks like a superhero bred in the shadows of every trailer park on the southern United States, and he fights like that’s the case, earning a four-fight win streak in the Octagon. Ricardo Lamas was a title contender not too long ago, but his momentum has been a little stilted thanks to losses to Chad Mendes and Max Holloway. He’s still an elite fighter though, which is status Knight hopes to attain by beating him.

They start off firing off strikes, but the moment Knight settles in to put some pepper on his punches, Lamas changes levels and takes him down. After dodging Knight’s storm of upkicks, Lamas passes just enough to punish him with fists. Knight does well tying him up with a rubber guard, and when Lamas slips free he backs away, allowing them to stand. Soon they’re trading again, and Lamas clips his opponent and has him on jelly legs. Knight returns fire, forcing Lamas to be cautious – but not too cautious, as Lamas judiciously steps in and clocks him again and again. Soon Knight is taking hella damage, and when he falls Lamas is on him, elbowing him into oblivion. The ref sees enough and jumps in.


Results: Ricardo Lamas def. Jason Knight via TKO (Punches and Elbows) at 4:34, R1