Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Kailin Curran fights hard and aggressively, but her record in the Octagon is a dismal 4-1. Alexandra Albu fights hard as well, but has only fought once in the UFC, earning a win via submission over two years ago. I’m not quite sure why these ladies have the honor of being the Fight Pass “main event”, but whatever, here we are.

As usual, Curran comes out firing on all cylinders, flicking kicks and jabs. She’s met head-on by Albu, who doesn’t seem to care one bit about all the flying leather, she only wants to hit her opponent and throw her to the canvas. Albu is pretty successful in that regard, although when they go to the ground Curran does a fine job of outmaneuvering her and getting on top. They scramble up, trade, and Albu throws her down, up, trade, down – you get the point.

The battle continues into the second, with Albu walking through Curran’s offense to punch her and toss her to the canvas. For her part, Curran bangs Albu up with her fists – even stunning her at one point – and that, plus an illegal upkick that she doesn’t get penalized for, leaves Albu bloody.

Curran keeps up the fire in Round 3, getting her foe down and punishing her from above for a bit. Eventually, Albu gets back to her feet, and after more trading gets a takedown before the bell.


Results: Alexandra Albu def. Kailin Curran via Unanimous Decision