Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to imagine there’s anyone on tonight’s UFC 214 card who needs a win more than Daniel Cormier.

That sounds silly, especially given that he’s the reigning light-heavyweight champ, but it’s true. The only loss Cormier has ever taken in the cage – any cage – was to Jon Jones. And Cormier only won the belt after Jones screwed himself over with drug- and crime-induced suspensions. Which, sadly, means the man wearing the belt isn’t quite the best fighter in the world at 205 pounds. How could he be?

We want to know that our champs are the most elite of the elite. We don’t want that asterisk next to their names, the one that says “Sure, they’re great, but not that great.”

You can call Daniel Cormier the king, but right now he’s just the man who would be king. He needs to beat Jones tonight to truly be best.

Anyway, here’s Joe Rogan breaking down tonight’s main event.