Anthony Pettis was the best in the world at one point, but those days are long gone. Jim Miller was never quite the best, but he was up there; sadly, age and mileage have slowed him down as well. Technically, both these men should roughly be at or near the same level of ability, so this match-up does make sense.

Miller comes out showing no apprehension at striking with the man who was most fearsome with his kicks and punches. And at first, this strategy seems to work, as Miller is successful at targeting Pettis’ legs with kicks. But in no time Pettis is comfortable enough to open up, and he’s flicking out kicks from all angles and jumping with knees and, when he feels like it, lashing out with punches. Though he shows no signs of backing down, Miller is getting marked up.

Round 2 sees Miller catch a kick and dump Pettis to the floor, but as usual he’s bleeding like crazy, and it’s another edition of the “Jim Miller Horror Show” that poor Pettis just has to grit his teeth and bear. At one point Miller takes his back, but eventually Pettis gets on top, and some scrambling has Pettis dragging him down again and maintaining control.

With seemingly endless heart, a spent Miller keeps coming forward in the third, trying to brawl, trying to land something hard, trying to take things to the ground – anything. But Pettis is too sharp and dangerous, and he’s so ahead on the scorecards he can try anything and get away with it, and misses with a cartwheel kick. And then runs out.


Results: Anthony Pettis def. Jim Miller via Unanimous Decision