Fabricio Werdum was UFC champ for about one hot minute before Stipe Miocic knocked him senseless. Now he can’t even finish Travis Browne, which, come on, anyone can do that nowadays. Alistair Overeem met a similar fate when he faced Stipe, but when it comes to beating up members of the “old” generation of heavyweights, Overeem has been doing well for himself. Adding a wrinkle to all this is that this bout is actually a rubber match – the two are 1-1 against each other. So yeah, there’s that.

As he always does in the beginning of his fights, Werdum sprints across the cage leaps into a flying knee, which Overeem easily dodges. Then they settle in, and just as Overeem always does, he stands patiently in front of his opponent, probing with single kicks and punches. In response, Werdum fires off single strikes of his own in between rushes of aggression. At one point, Overeem kicks Werdum’s legs out from under him, but following him to the canvas isn’t in the script, so he stays upright and waits for Werdum to stand.

Werdum succeeds with a takedown in the beginning of the second, but Overeem works his way back up and dings him with kicks to the body and knuckle sandwiches to the grill. Another successful takedown by the Brazilian results in Overeem getting back up, and though Werdum scores with a solid left, it seems like Overeem is landing more and more effectively. But who knows.

Round 3 sees Werdum finally secure a good enough clinch to land a knee, and then he falls back into a guillotine attempt. Overeem escapes and gets back up, but Werdum gets him down again, and there they remain for the duration.


Results: Alistair Overeem def. Fabricio Werdum via Majority Decision