Travis Browne has been racking up losses like he cares more about cooking fiancee Ronda Rousey dinner than going to the gym… which might be the case. Who knows. But here he is, taking on Aleksei Oleinik, whose got wins via submission and KO in the Octagon, so either the old Travis Browne is still in there somewhere or he’s not. We’ll see.

The first round opens with Browne firing off kicks, keeping the Russian at range, and whenever Oleinik does get close, Browne stays mobile and slips away. Browne even drops him with punches, and follows up a but with his fists before backing away. Oleinik gets up throwing some leather of his own, and with a right to the chops, he sends Browne crashing to the canvas. It’s now Browne’s turn to get up, which he does despite Oleinik’s best efforts, although the Russian succeeds with a takedown. The round ends with Oleinik on Browne’s back, cranking his neck.

Both men are huffing and puffing in the second, with Oleinik trying to land something heavy and Browne putting him in a Thai clinch and trying to land his knees. But Browne changes tactics and takes Oleinik to the ground, where he passes into side-control. Eventually Oleinik stands, and this time he’s the one dragging the fight down – except he takes Browne’s back. Browne tries to avoid the choke, but he can’t, and soon taps out.


Results: Aleksei Oleinik def. Travis Browne via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:44, R2